Hi there! I gather, test, & study data to make the Great Google Bot happy with peoples’ sites (aka SEO), & I develop tailored content/marketing strategies for people who want to work smarter, not harder.

I also have my Google Analytics IQ certification — so feel free to AMA — & I love discussing Google Trends or apps like Moz, Curalate, Crazy Egg, & Hootsuite.

I’ve worked with Vogue, Polyvore, PopSugar, Forbes, The Gap, & Into The Gloss!

Meet Lacey

A'hoy! I'm the designer/dev of our motley crew (& also a Texan)!

Most of my professional career until now was spent co-founding and running a company called Into The Gloss where I designed, coded, & built everything for four years. Quite a trip!

Like Lacey, I got my start at Condé Nast and then went on to work with NYLON Magazine, Man Repeller, & Design Sponge (to name a few). I love kombucha.

Meet Mick